About us

Know how

We are know where lighting, sound and media technology achieve her special effects;.

We work out individual and high-quality solutions with our long-standing experience on the basis of professional craftsmanship and creative competence for every performance requirements.

We know the relevance and the formal potential of new technologies and use these for new design options.

Our Way of Working

Many years of experience in the different areas of the event industry, creativity, and independence enable our exceptional performance for events, exhibitions and architecture. Despite growing technical complexity and budgetary challenges we never sacrifice our creative and technical standards.

We solve tasks intelligently and efficiently.


We provide technical planning in the areas of lighting, sound, media technology, IT-TC, static considerations,

special structures, and so on - for all technical aspects of a project.

By this we mean:

  • Conceptual planning and feasibility studies
  • Cost estimation and budgeting
  • Preparation of tenders and guidance in the allocation
  • Approval planning and communication with authorities
  • Implementation planning with simulation and test setups

We are independent from suppliers and create sustainable budget security for our customers.

Project management

Almost all projects require extensive support, taking into account technical and economic aspects.

We accompany you in all phases of a project:

  • Project management and technical management
  • Project process and structure planning
  • Monitoring of construction times
  • Checking and documentation of the construction progress
  • Performance and invoice verification of subcontractors review and analysis
We act with first-class domestic and foreign know-how and our global and intercultural competence.
We take care of projects of all sizes.